Product Matrix

Product Category

Products Offered

Active & Passives

Diodes , Rectifiers and Modules , Small Signal Bipolar and FETs , Power Devices , MOSFET and IGBT Modules , Gate Drivers ICs and Transistors

Batteries and Energy

Li-Ion Primary and Secondary Batteries , Application Specific Batteries and Packs , Accessories - Battery Posts, Integration Kits

Displays and Accessories

Standard TFT Displays – 3.5” to 15.6”

Electromechanical Components, Interconnect Devices

Reed Relays, Electromechanical Relays, Latching Relays Solid State Relays, Actuators, Linear Slides, Specialised bearings. Proximity Switches, Connectors Spring Loaded Pins and Connectors, D-Shell and Circular Shell Connectors , ATEX compliant connectors for hazardous environment Cable Glands , Automotive Grade , Industrial grade and Mil – Specs Compliant Connectors

Frequency and Timing Products

Crystal Oscillators , TCXO ,VCXO, OCXO

Motion and Motion Controllers

DC and BLDC Motors, Single Phase Induction Motors, 3 Phase Induction Motors

Semiconductors and Electronic Process

Epoxies , Potting Materials , Wire Bonding Machines and Materials

Education, Training and Custom Designs

Customised Training Courses on uses on components and modules in specific applications. Consultancy on product design, prototype, testing and after market support.

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